Birdwatching...the new Rock 'n' Roll

About Me

When I was a little boy I wrote a little book about birds, with little pictures, and ideas about how to help birds and even my own sponsored bird watch in the back garden. Now, I am a big boy - a little too big if truth be told - and I still love all the birds I see. I used to sit on the table and look out into the wilderness of our garden. I now travel all over in my quest for avian beauty, and spend loads of money on expensive equipment, domain names and anything else bird-related. Out in the field is where I am happy, and where I have always been happiest. This year I am going to see just how far I can get in my attempt to spot as many of our native bird species as possible, as well as any others that happen to take a wrong turning. I am lucky enough to be able to enjoy this utterly obsessive and delightful past-time with one of the greatest birders and funniest blokes around - Le Hatt. My thanks to him and also to my gorgeous Welsh Girl...and apologies in advance for being a complete pain in the arse!


Big Will