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An Eye for a Redhead

Posted by birdbeards2010 on February 15, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Fatherhood exhaustion has started to catch up with me. The boy is a very contented little chap and actually allows us a very reasonable amount of sleep. There are just so many new things to learn and an endless amount of things to do. Just how did I waste all that spare time I had before this exciting new chapter began?

I did manage to get out for a couple of very productive hours this afternoon, in an attempt, more than anything else, to blow the cobwebs out of my weary head. And blowy it was down at Whits. An unplanned diversion through the city had thrown up a lovely Sparrowhawk, swooping low in front of the car and into the old Norfolk and Norwich hospital to terrorise the pigeons. Once at Whits I had a good scan around the island in search of the female Scaup that had been reported the day before. No joy there, but very soon up popped a lovely redhead Goosander, giving ace views fairly close to the bank. I even manged to pull off a half crap photo in the blustery conditions.

I had a good birding chat with a friendly moustachioed dude and then worked my way up to have a look at Thorpe Broad and check for Redpolls in the woods. Now I'm not an expert on these things, but I would put honest money on there being a bit of what they call 'cottaging' going on on the premises. A couple of sneaky looking fellas kept walking up and down the path behaving strangely and texting, before disappearing off into the woods. I checked that I wasn't wearing my Choose Life t-shirt before moving swiftly on.

A Stock Dove was messing around on the shingle, but nowt else of interest until I got back almost to the car park and had a final scan for anything tasty. There, at the back of the broad were another pair of fine-looking redheads - Smew this time. Tidy! I even managed some pics of them and a surprise Goosander/Smew Playboy centrefold shot - a surprise because I only saw the Goosander when I put the pics on the puter. Oh, that beats an evening in with Nicole Kidman any day of the week. No it doesn't.

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