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It's only a bloody Pied Flycatcher!

Posted by birdbeards2010 on April 21, 2012 at 8:50 AM

Nye and I found a corking male Pied Flycatcher this morning in the Crem. Adrenalin buzz like no other. Full report later, dudes. Get the cluck in! Me and my boy, top bloody birders!

See below:

So, having undergone the horror of a gastroscopy on Thursday, which confirmed that I have a hiatus hernia and resultant 'angry' patch of oesophagus, the lining of which has been burnt away by the acid reflux, a tonic indeed was needed.

I was up at 6.30am getting back in the yoga zone, in an attempt to relieve my gastric symptoms. By 8.ooam Aneurin and I were off up to the Crem with targets of Whitethroat (not yet seen there) and Willow Warbler in mind.

A singing Blackcap at the entrance, before I'd even got my bins out, boded well for the sesh. Seconds later I had the male bird in my Bushnells, singing as melifluosly as was his wont. "Tidy!" I exclaimed to the boy before we headed along a different route to normal in search of a Chiff Chaff we could hear. Oh Lordy Lord I was on it today, the Chiff Chaff located and viewed almost instantly. We wandered round and through the memorial garden, heading towards our usual patch, near the back of St Thomas Road. Midway there we stopped to watch some lovely Goldfinches, a bonus Greenfinch and the usual and always cute Longies.

The sun was shining nicely as we rounded the corner and came off the tarmac track and up to the Yew tree hotspot. Lots of Tits darted around, some Dollys displaying nicely for each other. Then a bird a little way off in the big oak caught my eye. I don't know why, but it's size and manner just looked a bit out of the ordinary. It skitted around quickly from branch to branch for a while before I could get a proper look at it. Pied Flycatcher??!! I think the current phrase on da street is something akin to WTF?!

I made sure Nye was parked up safely and then manoeuvured myself into a better position to get absolutely surety that my eyes were working properly. There it was, not taking any notice of the ASBO squirrels, a stunning male Pied Flycatcher in all its summer plumed glory. Absolutely pristinely clean with the lovely white wing flashes and the double white dots prominent above its bill. It jumped around from branch to branch pecking at bugs and occasionally snapping at flying things. Bloody Nora! I high fived Nye, who was now fast asleep, and then moved the pram at little closer, enjoying further excellent views for another 15 minutes. I snapped off a few photos from my phone, but am still trying to spot something in the distant limbs of these pathetic shots. Never mind, I noted the names on the closest gravestones (too macabre to print here) and enjoyed this treat until the bird flew off into the ether.

Back home the Welsh Girl was met with a joyful pair of birders, Nye in his kangaroo hat and me bouncing around like one as I scrabbled to get my scope and camera before heading to try for a record shot. An hour of searching proved fruitless, except for a very friendly Goldcrest, so it will be back there tomorrow to see if the Black and White Beauty is hanging around. This is my best find to date. Cheers!

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