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BirdBeard Juniors on the run...on the RUN!

Posted by birdbeards2010 on January 7, 2013 at 3:50 PM

BirdBeard returned from his yuletide tour to join up for the first 2013 THIRTEEN session with Le Hatt. Not only was this a BirdBeards joint adventure, but we turned out a full team with the new additions to the world of mentalist birding, Aneurin Tomos & Elsie Rose - aka the BirdBeard Jrs.

With prams primed and ready to roll and time at a premium we decided to concentrate our efforts on an underwatched but very convenient little patch - Earlham Park/UEA. With some lovely mature woodland trails alongside marsh and river habitats we felt sure this was a reasonable bet for our session target, the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Now this aint called Lesser Spotted for nothing. They are bloody well hard, innit.

As I left, I received a text from Le Hatt saying he was running 10 minutes late. Forty-five minutes later, as I watched a lovely flock of 15 Greenfinches feeding in an old oak, I got him and the nipper in my sights, trundling into the park.

We headed into the woods, me especially cursing the amount of dog walkers and the need for dogs to exist at all. Stinking shitty things. A few Tits zipped aboout and then we heard a clear tapping of wood. Listening more carefully this turned into a workman banging his spade on something. It then turned back into a pecker like drilling - although with quite long gaps between taps, if you get my drift. After some skillful off-road pram manoeuvering, I managed to get my sights on the culprit. Not our longed for Lesser but a nonetheless beautiful Nuthatch, which was soon accompanied by its partner in nut crime. Lovely to see.

We continued along the trail and up to the now fog encapsulated University Broad discussing the merits of various  Brussels Sprout cooking methods, accompanied by plenty of Longies. Great to be out on the run again and it was lovely to show the Junior Branch of BirdBeards just how beautiful not one but three Song Thrushes can be when piping away in full mimick mode. For a minute we thought we were onto a Marsh Warbler. Pah!

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