Birdwatching...the new Rock 'n' Roll

These boys mean business. Red hot action shots from the field!


Le Hatt - man of the moment.

Urban Birders in Dabchick frenzy.

Modern Art meets Modern Birding at Rainham.

The Tooting Popular Birding Front.

Straight from the classroom and ready for action. What a look.

 Modelling the latest Spring collection from Rocha John Rocha.

Obviously hadn't given up the pancakes for Lent.

   The Big Year Kickoff!


   Like a latter day Audubon.

 Le Hatt amongst the widgeons.

He certainly smelt like Windy Miller after a Big Soosh New Year.

Commitment to the cause.

Enthusiasm got the better of me.

There for sunrise.

Bloody cold.


  Le Hatt surveys the scene at Holme.

  We aint no ordinary birders!

  In search of Windy Miller at Buckenham.