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Bird of the Week!

  ...and the winner is...

Week 7ish - 21st February

Will & Gav - Whoops. Haven't been keeping this up to date, but must put this one in. Not often that a Hen Harrier would take second place, but the hunting Peregrine, swooping over our heads at Blakeney blew everything else out. Fantastic.


 Week 1 - 8th January

This week we have chosen a different bird each as our favourite:

Will -" Well, for me it's got to be the Snow Bunting. Having spent ages trying to find these I got lucky on Monday with a flock of 20+, in arctic conditions on Titchwell beach. Lovely birds, strikingly marked and led me a merry dance along the beach."


 Gav -" For me it's got to be the handsome Fieldfare. I've seen loads near mine this week and they have to be considered the King of Thrushes!