Birdwatching...the new Rock 'n' Roll

Digi-birds : mega bird photos! 

By the way, I'm just getting used to this camera plus scope mullarkey so bear with me...

Getting slightly better at this...I hope!


Swallowtail - the only thing almost as beautiful as the Welsh Girl.


Shrikey! Unsteady hand due to pissing my pants with excitement.

Female Stonechat snacking out. 

Cheeky Chat

There she blows!


Blurry Ring Ouzel


Woodchat Shrike - Sh*t the bed!


Yellow in a tree.


Glorious bird.

Yellow Wagtail at Bucks - my new favourite bird. 

 What a character. Juvenile Black Guillemot.


Monsieur Wheatear.

Ye cannae beat a Red Throat!



Cheeky Wheatear.



RTD - sex on the water.



Welsh Girl loved its humbug head.


Sheer majesty from RTD.


Red Throated Diver on Lismore. What a bloody brilliant bird!

Avocets at Holme.



   Strange - Goose

Mega -Duck!

A pair of Manaridn Ducks in a Felbrigg puddle. Rather dashing.

Ring-Necked Parakeet. Where did they come from- Carry on Cleopatra, Jimmie Hendrix's funeral? Who care. They are on the list.

Double strike of Little Owls on Tooting Common. Ow led us to the spot and did not disappoint us!

Double strike 

This Turnstone got a fifty quid fine and was towed away. That limp was fooling nobody buddy!

Well would you believe it?! A juvenile Grey Wagtail living in the lap of tropical luxury in the hothouse biome at the Eden Project. Top spot Lil!

A lovely Grey Heron, snapped in Copenhagen by Chuck, who sent it in from Japan! Birdbeards really are international now! Thanks, Chuck.


Redwings in my garden on snow day.


Great Northern Diver at Whittlingham.


 Red-Breasted Mergansers, displaying fine breasts at Kidwelly Quay.

 The Kidwelly Greenshank, in exactly the same spot as last year. A fine Christmas present for any bearded birder.

     Welsh Curlew bathing.


      Almost an in-focus reflection.

        Mmmm, yeah I'm the Curlew.

   Spliiish splaaash, a splish- splash.

  A mixed bag. They were fricking miles away!

 Gulls n shit.


 Some Cormorants that used to be in Blur.

  Gull on a post.

  Little Egret a-fishing and not looking that little really.

  It's got something in its beak goddammit.

  Sod it, I'm off back to the submarine.

  Never seen so many one-legged Redshank.

  Pied Wagtail with plenty to say for itself. The Yellow/Grey eluded the money shot and    darted off back under the bridge.


  Meadow Pipit looking handsome.

   Same one.

  Very poor one of a Lapwing.

  Dim morning light and a skulking CurlyWurly.

  Curly watts causing trouble again. One of them shanks aint too happy!

  Unsociable Lapwing.

  Pair of female Shoveler.

  Top Strump! Male Spade.

  The island Stock Dove.

   Swimming around like a headless Teal.

  Linnet innit. 

  The old Kings Lynn FC mascot.





   Ahh, the old Bucks Snow Goose, with a bit of cow arse.

  A pair of Snipe and a Teal at Holme.


  Close up of Snipeys

   Little Egret

  Male Stonechat feeling very at Holme.