Birdwatching...the new Rock 'n' Roll

Birdwatching...the new rock 'n' roll.                                      

Well then, after a brief hiatus while we let the Big Year pass and settle, the BirdBeards are back on the run and setting new standards in the UK & International Birding worlds. Join us as we kick arse across the county, country & globe, leaving those 'pagered-up' dworks spitting our dust onto their crusty corduroys.

In 2011 we returned cooler and sharper than ever and believe we really are the ones to keep up with. Now, as we move into 2012, we are gearing up for our next intrepid and highly bearded adventure - BirdBeards Norfolk List 2012! We will do whatever it takes, and then some, to see as many different birds in the Fine County as possible, in the 366 days that make up the year. Catch up with our latest birding escapades on our new, improved and cutting edge BLOG page - but only if you reckon you can handle it!      

 Check us out & how cool we look pre-gig.

  Backing Vocal & Snare: Gavin Hatt aka Le Hatt      Lead Singer: Will Clennell aka BirdBeard

Some of our favourite birds

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)   Bearded Tit (Panarus biarmicus)         

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Big Year 2010

What's it all about then? Well, on January 1st 2010 Le  Hatt and I will embark upon a serious birding mission - to spot as many different species of birds in Great Britain and Ireland as we can in one calendar year. Never before have we taken our previously pedestrian past-time into such serious territory. A Big Year requires three things: courage, commitment and beer. It remains to be seen if we have all or even any of these qualities. In the mean time, let's warm up with some practice preliminaries. Let's bird! 

 Well we birded hard and fairish and this is what happened:

Final Result: BirdBeard 206!  Le Hatt (Champ!) 219!!!