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Name That Bird In One!

 On this page, Le Hatt and I welcome your identification challenges. Send us pictures of any bird in the world and we will put a name to it, guaranteed! If we can't, we'll buy you a drink.

So come on, let's be having you, where are you? Bring on the challenges!

All entries to be sent to:


What the blazes is this Will & Gav?

Lots of love,

B. Spears

Dear B,

It's a Ground Hornbill of course. Found in South and East Africa and doesn't really fly much.

Love Will & Gav



This one is real and was sent in by our bird mate Birdox:

Hi there,


Here’s one for your name that bird part of the site.



This photo was taken at Wells next the sea by pointing my digital camera down the sights of my trusty 8 x 40 Greenkat binoculars. Please identify!








Cheers Birdox,

After a little messing about with the pic, we have managed to 100% this one as a Whimbrel. Note the shape of the bill, which curves only at the end, the definite pale stripe and dark crown, as well as the slender neck. all these distinguish it from the commoner Curlew. A top spot mate. Far from an everyday finding. 

The next one is real and was sent in by Liz Rowlands.


Dear Will and Gav,

Wot on earth is this bird?


 Ah ha h! This one had us scratching our heads for several minutes. You're having a laugh aintcha.... Mr Laughing Gull! Drinks are on you Lizzie!

Whoops! Rewind. Getting a bit cocky there and Elizabeth has quickly pointed out that this is not a comedic gull. So, a quick bit of further research and bingo...there we have it. A fine example of a Galapagos Lava Gull. Sorry for the misleading gag, Lizzie, and I think it's a round in each!


Hi Will and Gav

Pictured on the Isle of Arran from the car but what in oiseaux's name is it?


Nice shot, Ow, and what a nice isle Arran is. This raptor, unless I'm very much mistaken, appears to be a Buzzard. They can have very variable colouring, but the yellow legs and dark bill point to a good old Eddie Buzzard. Hope that clears it up for you. Get the drinks in!

Will & Gav