Birdwatching...the new Rock 'n' Roll



             Three-Banded Plover. Very cute.

           Pied Kingfisher. A superbly handsome bird.

                                 Cattle Egret with friend and lover Donkey.


                                                                        Blacksmith's Plover.A very tidy lapwing.                                                        

                Red-billed Hornbill. Cheeky chap nearly flew in the car after Bethan's sarnie.



                                                 Cape Wagtail. Tofo beach, Mozambique                                                   

                               3 types of Vulture on a Giraffe. The Giraffe wasn't too happy.


                                Yellow and Red-billed Horns & a Burchell's Starling. Rock on.


                                                  A closer look. Stunning colours on that starlo.



                                                               Martial Eagle. The boss.


                                                    Ground Hornbill. Whooah, big mother!


                                        Glossy Welshbis with essential post safari refreshment.


                                                Cape Dove. You have to look at their eyes you see.


                                                                   Ostrich. Oh look there are two!




















































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