Birdwatching...the new Rock 'n' Roll

The 2013 THIRTEEN!

New for 2013 is an outrageously progressive idea to help BirdBeard & Le Hatt & the 2 BirdBeard Jrs pass the 365 days that lie ahead. THIRTEEN special birds to find, wherever and whenever (within the borders of the United Kingdom) we can by 11.59pm on December 31st 2013. Simples. Apart from the fact that half the birds are difficult and the other half are very blimmin' difficult indeed! The challenge is a tough one, but we are BirdBeards and we NEVER shirk a challenge!


1. Dotterel

2. Golden Oriole

3. Wryneck

4. Yellow Browed Warbler

5. Little Auk

6. Long Eared Owl

7. Goshawk - long flight views, Breckland 16th Feb

8. Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

9. Quail

10. Red Breasted Flycatcher

11. Dartford Warbler

12. Glossy Ibis

13. Nightingale